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Being part of Bellevue Education offers a range of professional development opportunities for our staff.

Young Enterprise up and running in Form 6 - Businesses are go!

Form 6 have been creating their own Maths problems in a real life context, helping them to apply their knowledge to…

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Welcome to Norfolk House

Welcome to Norfolk House School, a leading London preparatory school for boys and girls aged four to eleven.

We are proud of the outstanding quality of education and pastoral care programmes for our children.

The school takes great pride in its happy and warm environment, where each and every pupil is valued and supported. Pupils at Norfolk House are nurtured and guided through school life; we aim to stimulate and inspire our children, develop their interests and equip them with lifelong learning skills.

Our last school inspection said our “Pupils’ attitudes to learning are excellent; they clearly enjoy lessons and work well, both individually and collaboratively.” It went on to state that our “pupils’ achievements are excellent” and that they demonstrate “excellent” social awareness and “show a keen sense of responsibility towards each other.”

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