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Form 2 with their Roman shields in the mighty Roman 'tortoise' formation! #collaborate

A brilliant Junior and Senior Prep after-school club with our new boxing coach! #primarysport #bellevueeducation

What a day at the ISA Football Tournament! Both Senior Prep squads represented our school proudly!…

☰ FoNH End of Year News

FoNH End of Year News

Posted on July 13 2012

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Summer Fair, which raised £1,104.66 for LEAP.

It was a huge success, pulled off by the organizational prowess of the class reps, as well as the parents and teachers who manned the games stalls, drinks and BBQ. Thanks to you all!

We wish to announce next year's Class Reps -- thanks to all who volunteered. They are:


- Michelle Morais


- Zoe Fugler


- Vanessa Gray and Jennifer Alpert


- Maryse Perkin


- Vicky Goldin


- Amanda Krohn


- Natasha Walker


- Gillian Forrest


- Jo Bratchell-Owens and Ranjana Mitra


- Coelia Varney


- Sarah Mulville


- Susan Kirby, Gabby Maharajah Finally, thanks to Sara Monson for all her work this year as a co-chair of FONH. She is sadly stepping down but for a happy reason --  the arrival of baby number 4 in late October. Thank you Sara! Gillian Forrest will join the team as the FONH Treasurer. Thanks to Gillian for volunteering. Ava Chang has also joined as a Committee Member. Please contact us if you wish to come on board as well.

Have a wonderful summer, and see you all in the Autumn.

Co-Chairs Kirsty Dye and Genny Priest

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