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☰ Gymnastics


Posted on March 23 2012

By Poppy Black Gymnastics is my favourite sport since it is entertaining to do and to watch, and it makes you flexible.  There are five pieces of apparatus. One of them is the floor, another is the beam, another is the vault, another is the bars and the final one is range and conditioning (this is done using a bench).  My favourite is the bars because it involves making you strong and fearless.  I go to gymnastics three times a week, and each time I go we normally work on two pieces of apparatus.  For example, one Tuesday evening we did vault and beam.  Those were the main things we did but we also did a long warm-up on the floor and practised up-start on the bars.

As I will be eight this year, I can now do competitions.  The first one I did went quite well since I came 20th out of more than 30 girls.  My friend Ella-Rae did really well, did you know that she came 3rd and got a beautiful, shiny bronze medal?  The competition was competing with all the gymnastics girls in London.  We were all doing Grade 14.  I passed with distinction and now I can move onto Grade 13 which is harder.  I am also working towards doing a Level 5 competition which is even harder than Grade 13.

I enjoy gymnastics very much and I hope that other girls do it too.  It’s great because you can always learn to do new things!

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