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Ages: 2 years - 3 years 4 months

Session times: 08:20 - 12:30 (Inclusive of hot lunch)

Our Pre-Nursery is based in our ground floor garden room in a friendly, inviting and child-centred setting with direct access to our outdoor play space. We provide a nurturing first step into education with learning underpinning all experiences. Under the guidance of wonderfully gentle, supportive key workers, children learn to become confident individuals and build their first friendships. We offer healthy snacks in the morning and lunch which is prepared on site, and our Pre-Nursery room has dedicated toilet and nappy changing facilities.

Each child is planned for and supported individually. In addition, we also offer plenty of opportunities for children to come together for group activities, including our daily singing or story sessions. We also have opportunities for the children to work as a team to complete a physical or artistic task such as creating a large scale art piece or setting up the garden equipment for an obstacle course. The environment gives the children the freedom to freely move and explore, learning about the world that surrounds them and developing in essential areas including communication, co-operation, co-ordination and motor skills.

Children typically progress from Pre-Nursery to our Nursery around their third birthday, though they may be slightly older or younger depending on when a place becomes available for them. We make every effort to transition the majority of children in September, so they are able to stay with the children they have become close friends with during their time in Pre-Nursery. However, Pre-Nursery parents may be offered an opportunity for their child to transition mid-year if a vacancy becomes available and both the parent and their child's Key Worker feels they are ready.



Ages: 2 years 6 months - 4 years 11 months

Session times:
08:20 - 12:30 (Morning session only, inclusive of hot lunch)
08:20 - 15:00 (Morning and afternoon sessions)

Our Nursery is based in the light-filled middle floor of our Princess Avenue site and offers a range of engaging EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) activities and experiences in mixed age groupings, to enable older learners to support younger ones, and younger learners to learn from their older friends.  

In the Nursery, we operate on the basis that all children are individuals with their own strengths, areas of development, interests and learning styles. We work with each child on his or her unique next steps in learning to ensure teaching is targeted specifically with individual learning objectives. We enable children to work on different concepts at the level at which is appropriately challenging for them. Our highly skilled Nursery team scaffold children’s learning via a combination of play-based activities and adult-directed learning.

Afternoon Activities

Our optional afternoon sessions running after lunch each day, offer engaging activities for pupils in Nursery to enjoy, ranging from weekly visits to Forest School to Art, Cookery or Music.

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