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Infant Community

Ages: 2 years - 3 years 4 months

Session times: 08:20 - 12:30 (Inclusive of hot lunch)

Infant Community is based on the ground floor in a friendly, inviting and child-centred setting with direct access to our outdoor play space. We have a sleep space for children to nap or rest in, as well as dedicated toilet and nappy changing facilities. We offer healthy snacks both in the morning and afternoon and lunch which is prepared on site.

The Infant Community curriculum is a hybrid of pre-Montessori activities and EYFS play-based learning. Each child is supported by his or her dedicated key worker and planned for and supported individually. In addition, we also offer plenty of opportunities for children to come together for group activities, including our daily singing or story sessions. We also have opportunities for the children to work as a team to complete a physical or artistic task such as creating a large scale art piece or setting up the garden equipment for an obstacle course. The environment gives the children the freedom to freely move and explore, learning about the world that surrounds them and developing in essential areas including communication, co-operation, co-ordination and motor skills.

Children typically progress from the Infant Community into the Montessori Nursery around their third birthday, though they may be slightly older or younger depending on when a place becomes available for them. We make every effort to transition the majority of children in September, so they are able to stay with the children they have become close friends with during their time in the Infant Community. However, Infant Community parents may be offered an opportunity for their child to transition mid-year if a vacancy becomes available and both the parent and their Infant Community Key Worker feels they are ready.


Montessori Nursery

Ages: 2 years 6 months - 4 years 11 months

Session times:
08:20 - 12:30 (Morning session only, inclusive of hot lunch)
08:20 - 15:00 (Morning and afternoon sessions)

The Montessori Nursery promotes the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori who believed that children are natural learners and that given appropriate resources and opportunities, children will progress in their learning by capitalising on their innate curiosity and desire to learn. In our Montessori Nursery each child is individually planned for and supported in their learning by their dedicated key worker, who also holds a Montessori Teaching qualification. We promote mixed-age groupings of children to enable older learners to support younger ones, and younger learners to learn from their older friends. 

The Nursery children benefit from a protected three-hour work cycle, which enables them to freely explore the environment during this time, accessing resources and completing their learning in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. 

The children are exposed to teaching, activities and resources which support their development in the five areas of Montessori learning:

- Practical Life
- Culture
- Language
- Sensorial
- Mathematics

Afternoon Activities

Our optional afternoon sessions running after lunch each day, offer engaging activities for pupils in Montessori Nursery to enjoy, ranging from weekly visits to Forest School to Art, Cookery or Music.

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After School Activities

We currently offer weekly ballet classes, run by Little London Ballet on our Princes Avenue site.

For further details, please contact the School Office.

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