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Montessori Learning

Our approach to learning incorporates the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. She observed that the learning process begins long before the school entry age. She believed that between birth and the age of six, children have absorbent minds and all of the knowledge and experiences he or she acquires during these years, provide the basis for further learning.

The mixed age group in the Nursery enables children to learn how to become part of and contribute to a group. Both older and younger children benefit from this contact as older children gain confidence and maturity through realisation of their own abilities, and younger children are stimulated and encouraged by working alongside more advanced peers. Skills are taught daily both individually and in small groups or as a whole class. In this environment the children are able to develop socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally, at their own pace.

Our Infant Community is a pre-Montessori environment with some of the Montessori materials and activities available for the children to use in the classroom. There is also a focus on individual teaching and learning as well as group activities and interaction. 

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