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In Reception we aim to instil an early love of learning through our exciting, innovative curriculum which uniquely combines the play-based learning promoted through the Early Years curriculum with the challenging demands of the early stages of the National Curriculum. Our approach to teaching and learning enables our children to move on to the next stage of their education with the tools they need to thrive and succeed.

Daily lessons focus on English, maths and phonics and towards the latter end of the school year, we begin weekly instruction in ICT. Our curriculum is further enhanced by regular outings to local sports venues and a strong focus on play-based and self-initiated learning. Reception children also learn French with our specialist teacher, once a week.

The children enjoy regular interaction with older children in the school for various activities during the school year, enabling them to build positive relationships with others and to gently introduce them into school life.

Sport & Physical Development

We ensure that our pupils can enjoy exciting sports sessions, which develop their gross motor skills, core strength and balance as well as their team work and collaborative skills.

Ice Skating:
One of our most popular sports activities, this is a structured programme with a qualified instructor, that develops our pupils basic and more advanced skating skills over Reception year and in Year 1. It’s an excellent sport for developing core strength, balance and confidence in a fun way on the ice. 

Highgate Woods:
Our pupils head down to the woods on a Wednesday for the entire afternoon, come rain or shine! This is a physically active and enjoyable experience, giving them opportunities to climb trees, work together in building dens, balancing on logs, exploring the environment and linking to other areas of their learning, as well as taking time for more structured activities such as ball skills development.


The creative arts are a very important part of the curriculum throughout the school.

Creativity in the curriculum is more than simply teaching creative subjects. From Reception, we encourage individual self-expression and creative thinking.

In Reception, children take part in a range of creative activities, such as making self-portraits and expressing thoughts, views and ideas fluently and appropriately with friends and teachers.

Pupils enjoy dedicated drama lessons at school where they are encouraged to adopt characters and to develop public speaking skills from an early age. From Reception, pupils participate in productions and assemblies throughout the school year, which helps to build confidence and self-esteem.

Our Reception children have a dedicated music lesson each week with our specialist teacher. They learn songs, rhythms and begin to use computers to create simple compositions, preparing them to progress in later years through the curriculum.


We offer a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities. From Summer term, children in Reception are invited to join Form 1 for clubs, which are charged separately and finish at 4pm.

Find out more about clubs for Reception and Form 1, here.

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