☰ Cross Curricular Links 

Cross Curricular Links 

At Norfolk House we want sustainability to be integrated throughout our curriculum just as our school values permeate everything we do!

English Form 5 

Form 5 analysed the features of persuasive writing and delivered thought provoking speeches about various environmental issues facing the world. The children looked at many famous speeches and discussed what makes them effective. We spoke about emotive language, use of facts and statistics, lists of three, contrasting pairs, rhetorical questions, etc. 

The children were inspired by Greta Thunberg's powerful speeches to write their own ones on topics including: plastic pollution, climate change, deforestation, agriculture, food waste, etc. They delivered their speeches in front of all of Senior Prep.

Form 4 

In our lesson, we discussed the different sorts of plastic we use and see in the shops, splitting them into single-use, limited use and extended use.  Having watched a video of plastic being used in different situations, we came up with suggestions of what we could do or use instead of single-use plastic.  Using the little fish/whale outlines, Form 4 thought and wrote about how we could help stop the use of plastic to lessen the amount found in the oceans.  We all agreed that if we share our knowledge with our friends and families, in time, hopefully, in our lifetime, the oceans will be clean again!'

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