Form 2 Science - Kill the Bacteria

Posted on: May 26th 2017

In Science, Form 2 have been considering the human body and its systems for keeping us alive and healthy. We have considered a balanced diet made up of the major food groups, getting plenty of exercise, taking medicines when prescribed by a doctor, and the importance of hygiene in getting rid of harmful bacteria.

In our work on hygiene, we were very lucky to have Ted and Bobby's mum - herself a doctor - give us pretend glowing bacteria and a UV light. The children could literally 'see' bacteria on their hands, and hd to wash their hands successfully to kill all of it. They then designed posters telling people how to wash their hands!

Parents now tell us of how the children go home and talk about this brilliant lesson, and children wash their hands very thoroughly now as a result!

A big thank you to Ted and Bobby's mum for preparing the materials.

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