Form 2 Stone and Bronze Age Day

Posted on: December 14th 2016

Form 2 had such an exciting day as they time-travelled to the Stone and Bronze Ages!

Stone Age children had flint spears, simple bows and arrows, and foraged fruits and berries (no nuts because we have a nut-free time machine at Norfolk House School). When asked if they were enjoying the history-themed activities, most of the children just replied 'Ug' or 'Blah' as they had not yet developed linguistic skills in the Stone Age. Furthermore, their nomadic behaviour meant the children kept wondering off in search of new food resources!

The more advanced Bronze Age children, complete with bronze tools, sewn garments and pottery brought to Britain by the 'Beaker' People, had a similarly excellent day. With the establishment of farming, their lunch (provided by the 'Brookwood' Farm) was hearty and nutritious.

After a long and busy day, the Stone Age children returned home to their fire-lit caves, and the Bronze Age children returned to their roundhouses. A quick worship at the Stone Circle before bed, and all in all it had been a great day.


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