Form 3 Anglo-Saxon Day

Posted on: November 18th 2016

On Wednesday 16th November Form 3 enjoyed an Anglo-Saxon day.

We began the day looking at the treasures found at the archaeological dig of Sutton Hoo. We were able to infer information about the man buried in the ship by looking at the things he was buried with. We worked out he was an important man, possibly a king, because he had swords, shields, an amazing helmet and beautiful pieces of jewellery covered in gold and precious stones. We were then visited by a real-life Anglo-Saxon! He taught us lots about his life as a farmer. He used the mystical runes to tell the fortune of some of the children. He then had us acting out the story of Beowulf. Beowulf was a fearless warrior who fought and defeated the mythical creature Grendel.

In the afternoon we looked at runes, which were Anglo-Saxon letters, and then we used matchsticks to write our names.

We had a great day!


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