Form 3 - Henri Matisse

Posted on: February 24th 2017

In Form 3 we have recently been looking at the work of the French artist Henri Matisse. We found out that when he was an old man he was often ill and spent lots of time in bed. He found it easier to cut out pictures and create collages rather than paint! He called his new way of creating art ‘drawing with scissors’. Most of his cutouts are free-form so the shapes are irregular and not geometric. We studied his work entitled ‘Icarus’ of a silhouette on a blue background and created our own.

We then looked at ‘The Snail’ and used different colours to make our own pictures. Some of us chose to do other animals, some of us chose to do flowers.

After our explorations of his work we had the opportunity to create our own Henri Matisse  inspired pieces.

Click here to see our own Henri Matisse inspired pieces

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