Form 4 Writing

Posted on: May 26th 2017

In Form 4,  we have been writing our own fairy tales based on the app Epic Citadel, and fairy-tale story machines. All the children had to plan for a main character with a dilemma and happy ending.

The children made sure they included descriptive sentences and effective sentence starters.

King Cita

Long ago, in the castle of Citadel, there lived an evil, cruel king, who had been crowned many years ago. His name was King Cita. Every morning, he would peer through his window out of his castle, and think who to lock up next.

On this particular morning his scribe, Sam, walked in and said trembling: “Excuse me your majesty, but half of your people have not paid their taxes this month.”

In a smug voice, King Cita replied: “I guess we have a few people to lock up this morning then.”

As soon as he left his castle, he headed towards the market to visit those that may not have paid their taxes. When he reached the market an old woman was shouting: “Apples, apples for sale.”

“Hmm, I think I will have an apple, and then I will consult the list of those who haven’t paid their rent!”

“I have got the perfect apple for you, your majesty,” the old woman said slyly, and handed him a big, shiny, red apple. When King Cita received the apple he took a big bite. Suddenly, he fainted. The market went silent, and everyone dashed into their houses…

When King Cita opened his eyes, he noticed that he somehow was in the dark, gloomy, terrifying woods, that surrounded his city. He spied the gates of his city ahead of him, and sprinted towards them. Courageously, he banged on the diamond, golden gates, but it was no use, they were locked. Eventually, he peered through the keyhole, and to his amazement everyone had been turned to stone, even his scribe Sam! Confused, King Cita stepped back and suddenly noticed a note pinned to the gate, it read: 

‘Visit the heart of our woods, find the diamond sword locked away, use your strength to free your kingdom.’

King Cita started wandering through the gloomy, deep, dark woods. After a while he stumbled across some wooden oak gates, he bravely kicked them down. Suddenly, he glimpsed a shiny, sparkly diamond sword wedged in a solid stone. Curiously he sprinted towards it and, with all his might, pulled it out…

Lightening as bright as the sun struck all around him creating a clear pathway back to his city, King Cita, in the blink of an eye ran to his city’s locked gates and bravely smashed them down. As he threw the sword to the ground in relief, all of the stone statues crumbled one by one, even his scribe’s Sam. King Cita felt a new feeling of life, his evil ways had left him, he felt so jovial that he decided to reward everyone with a party, so they would know he had seen the error of his ways.

King Cita and his town lived happily ever after!

By Zane Bhohi-Morais 4S


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