Queenswood Poetry 2017

Posted on: June 22nd 2017

For the past few years, the English department at Queenswood School have kindly invited us to submit entries for their summer poetry competition. This year, their theme was ‘Adventure’ and the children in Forms 4 and 5 were set the challenge of composing a poem of no longer than 20 lines on that topic, but they could interpret it in whatever way they chose to.

All of the work was completely independent and the children have produced and illustrated some amazing poems, some of which you can read here. I will announce in an upcoming newsletter the aspiring poets who were chosen to represent Norfolk House but all of the children should be congratulated on their wonderfully creative efforts.                                                                                               Mrs Osborne

From the Depths

by Gracie Perkin (5O)


When the water is clear,

In the sapphire sea,

Not a movement in sight,

Except for me.


I look below,

I see stars in his eyes,

Emerging from the depths,

Of worries and lies.


His eyes inky black,

Like the night above,

Yet gentle and kind,

And full of love.


We swim for hours,

Under the shining moon,

Venturing through the sea.

But all good things ( I realise then)

End-must way too soon.


He swims away

To the murky depths of the sea.

I’m left alone; the whale and me.


Heading Down

By Ben Craven (5O)


The air was a cold sea

Of paper clouds.

Rotten smelling fumes floated away

In multiple directions.


Out of nowhere,

Black fumes rose above the plane,

Shooting out of the broken engine.

The nose of the aircraft faced the sea.

Engines stopped…


Staring at the sea,

Edging closer

Made my thoughts fly away.

Just like my parachute.


Petrified, I was taken away,

Away to the deep Caribbean islands.

As my mind took a break,

Raging ripples attacked the shore.


I found a place to camp,

So I flew down and lay my feet on the silky-sand.

A cacophony of birds flew over the lime-green trees.

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