☰ A world without colour or a world without sound...

A world without colour or a world without sound...

Posted on: May 4th 2012

A world without colour or a world without sound? Which would be worse? That was the question I put to our children in Key Stage 1 assembly on Tuesday. The responses were fascinating: ‘it would be worse to have no sound, because you couldn’t speak to each other’, ‘you couldn’t hear laughing’, ‘you wouldn’t be able to learn as well in class’ came alongside the argument: ‘a world without colour because you wouldn’t be able to know what orange was or green’, ‘you wouldn’t be able to see because the sun would have no colour’, ‘it wouldn’t be safe at night because your clothes would have no colour and you wouldn’t be seen’, ‘it would be sad because the flowers wouldn’t have any colour’ and many more points for both sides were discussed and debated.

The importance of giving pupils the opportunity for philosophical thinking, and having the expectation that they can reason at such a level can never be underestimated; ‘answeritis’ is all too familiar in education and society – wanting the answer, but not realising the importance of the process. To equip children with the skills to be critical thinkers underpins all that is the essence of being effective learners and is embedded in many aspects of life at Norfolk House. The eagerness and consideration in the responses by the children in the assembly on Tuesday reflects just how well our teachers embrace and promote this type of learning and give our pupils opportunity to develop critical thinking skills.

Here’s another question I’ve debated with our Key Stage 2 pupils: Banksy: Artist or Criminal?

Gets you thinking, doesn’t it?!

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