☰ Anti-bullying & Children in Need

Anti-bullying & Children in Need

Posted on: November 18th 2016

From reading the newsletter you will see what a busy few weeks we have had at Norfolk House and Montessori Nursery! As you will know this week is Anti-bullying Week and Children in Need which has been a great opportunity for the children to develop their understanding of the Core Values, especially Caring and Resilient, and take action. Children across the school have been developing their understanding of what bullying is and how to combat it through activities such as role play, reading stories and taking part in assemblies. During my Pre Prep assembly, children in Reception and Form 1 were able to identify the Core Value Resilient as something that is essential when challenging bullying behaviour. The vast majority of NH students have never experienced bullying behaviour, but were able to empathise, part of our Caring Core Value, in order to describe the feelings of the characters in the story.

Children, staff and parents across the school have been very creative and committed to raising both money and awareness for Children in Need. We will share some of the activities in the next newsletter, but I would like to give you a flavour of some of the brilliant activities that have taken place. In Form 5, they have had a sponsored talent show with children singing, performing card tricks, sharing creative writing and drama sketches. Form 2 had a real challenge - a one hour sponsored silence! I am sure you will agree this is no mean feat! I popped in a couple of times during the hour to watch the silent science lesson taking place and was so impressed with how the children worked together as a team to hit their goal of a full hour of silence. On the Princes Avenue site money was raised through a really successful toy and cake sale. Thank you to all the our fantastic families for the donations and sponsoring the children. We will share the final amount raised in the next newsletter.

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