☰ Celebrating Form 6's Outstanding 11+ Results

Celebrating Form 6's Outstanding 11+ Results

Posted on: March 25th 2021

Many current and prospective parents ask when we begin to prepare children for the 11+ exams at Norfolk House. The answer to this is simple; from the moment they join our school. The ambition and challenge is built into the academic curriculum from early on and helps the children make excellent progress as they move through the school. By the time they reach Form 5 and 6 they have much of the understanding, knowledge and skills they need to tackle the questions that they will face in their exams. 

However, being successful in the 11+ takes more than just academic ability; they need resilience, confidence and be able to collaborate with others and think under pressure. These attributes cannot be taught like curriculum content and must be developed over time. We do this by providing the children with a broad range of experiences including public speaking, performance and playing competitive sport. These opportunities help the children cope with the pressure of the process and shine in interviews. 

Our Form 6 pupils have completed this process and secured their secondary school places. All the staff are incredibly proud of what they have achieved and we would like to congratulate each and every one, not just on the final results, but on the way they approached the process. You can see the outstanding 11+ offers they received and their final destinations below. 

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