☰ Fixtures are back!

Fixtures are back!

Posted on: June 25th 2021

This half term has felt like a new dawn - fixtures are back!! Whilst the rain has scuppered a few of our plans our students have managed to get out and compete again. So far this term we have played in four Haringey tournaments (Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5&6 boys cricket and U9 athletics) and had a Year 3&4 fixture against Lyndhurst School. We’ve got the Year 5&6 girls cricket to come next week as well! 

How did we do, I hear you ask! Well that really depends on what our aims are! My philosophy on success is threefold - Did everyone enjoy the event? Did everyone participate fully (i.e. try hard and strive to win)? Are we all getting better? These are three things we talk about at all our events, and I hope your children mention it to you at home as well. I don’t measure success by winning the event. I measure success through the variables that we can control, and if we do those things correctly then winning will often follow. Quality of opposition, referees and weather are all things that can affect winning and I can’t impact any of them!

We have had some notable performances over the term. Our Year 5&6 boys cricket team have thrown the gauntlet to the girls by comfortably winning the cricket tournament. I'm particularly proud that we were the only school (out of 14) where everyone bowled overarm and everyone hit boundaries when batting. Max Spooner and Oscar Charman were brilliant captaining the squad and created a really positive, cohesive team attitude. We took the whole of Year 4 to the Haringey athletics event (including a couple of amazing Year 3s) and they were fabulous in the rain. Their attitude was brilliant throughout. Particular mention should go to Alex McAleavy who ranked second out of 96 students, and Daniel Bice and James Eveleigh who’s never say die attitude in the distance run was an inspiration to us all!

Looking forward to next term I hope to have a full fixture list of football for the girls and rugby for the boys as well as some tournaments in both sports. We will be hosting the ISA North London Girls Football Festivals in November as usual. We have an exciting year of sport ahead for us!

Take a look at some photos here.

Andy Charman

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