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Great Things Going On

Posted on: June 14th 2013

Mr Malley came to the school as part of our Governance Meeting cycle on the first day back after half term, alongside our other Bellevue governance panel. Mrs Joannides had bought some lovely crockery so that we didn’t have to scrabble about for mugs and teacups, lots of nice pastries and juice, and Theo made us a lovely buffet lunch.  All little luxuries and niceties, as it was the first time we had hosted the panel at Norfolk House.

Mr Malley was blown away – not by the fancy pastries and goats’ cheese and wild mushroom tart – but by the school and what we’re doing here, these days. He commented on the lovely feel of the school, how spic and span it was and well looked after, but mostly about the impressive range of innovative and inspiring lessons and projects that the children are doing, and the way they are learning to reflect and critique how they are learning.

I have to say, I was incredibly proud of both the pupils and the staff who make the school such an amazing place to be. I was proud when Mrs Ellison showcased our work to the panel in an excellent presentation, and when I demonstrated our pupil progress and results in another presentation of how we closely track and monitor each individual child. I also proudly presented our developments on our pastoral care and how we promote our pupils’ personal development and look after their welfare.

But the proof in the pudding is simply walking around the school and talking to our pupils, who are our best advocates and ambassadors.

The entire panel left impressed and happy with what we’re achieving and doing here at the school and it started the final half term off on the best and most positive note that it could have.

I look forward to the last four hectic weeks of term and enjoy this time the most, as it is a time where we come together as a school and a community a great deal. It always goes by so fast, and it’s always sad saying goodbye to our F6, but we are all gearing up to a great finale – I can’t wait for the KS2 production, or the Summer Fayre, tomorrow (I hope you’ll all join us), but let’s hope the weather for the next four weeks matches our sunny spirits and it stays dry at least for Sports Day and the picnic!

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