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Posted on: February 10th 2012

The main subject of my blog this week is senior school exams. I want to commend our Form 6 pupils for their approach to the whole process. From their attitude to the preparation during focussed and, sometimes, particularly challenging lessons to their calmness and maturity in sitting exams and going for individual and group interviews, they are a credit to the school. They now have to wait for results and offers to come  out, as do their parents, which can be excruciating, and yet, for Form 6 it seems they have slotted back into ‘business as usual’. They are as engaged and motivated as ever; when I teach the class English on a Friday, (which I’m sure I look forward to more than them!) their ability to analyse, critically appreciate and challenge thinking amazes me. Their independence of thought and the enjoyment they have learned of classical poetry is a reflection of their growth over the past six months. I know they will all do well, but, somehow, I can’t help thinking that the pressure these examinations put on our pupils is unnecessary at such a young age.

Onto more pedestrian things and the weather! Having had a lucky escape over the past week with the two snowfalls, I’m happy that it’s half term! The decisions behind the decision to open or close the school on days when we have adverse weather are like a military strategic movement behind the scenes, with Mrs Fern even traipsing down to school and up to the Broadway at 6:30 in the morning to check on the suitability of the roads! Hopefully after half term we won’t have to worry too much, but do keep checking the website regularly on days when adverse weather is predicted.

All that remains to say, is to have a lovely half term break and we look forward to seeing all the children back on the 20th with lots of exciting events running up to Easter!

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