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Posted on: January 24th 2020

On behalf of all the staff, I would like to wish all our families a happy new year! It is usually around this time of year we make promises to ourselves to make better use of our gym membership, give up an unhealthy vice, maintain a better work-life balance or even embark on a new business venture. Unfortunately, many of our good intentions fade out after a few weeks.

At Norfolk House, one of our core values is ambition. We aim high and develop resilience through a growth mindset approach where children have daily opportunities to reflect on their learning and identify strengths and areas for development. We also encourage the children to reflect on all areas of their life and identify SMART targets for the year ahead. These are targets that are Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound. 

Last week in assembly, the children shared some of their ambitions for the year ahead. They ranged from trying new foods, trying to be nicer to their brother and trying to do a pull up to reducing their family's use of plastic, doing more for charity and convincing me to get a school dog! It was fantastic to see how they all engaged with the idea of ambition in their own way and the determination they have towards achieving their goals. 

When we look back in 12 months time I hope they have managed to show resilience and determination to achieve their ambitions for 2020; although I’m not sure how much work I would achieve if I end up with a dog in my office!

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