☰ Mr Jowett’s Blog: Single-sex versus co-educational learning environments

Mr Jowett’s Blog: Single-sex versus co-educational learning environments

Posted on: November 23rd 2018

The debate between educating children in a single-sex or co-educational environment has continued over millennia. The Greek philosopher Plato believed that co-education creates a feeling of comradeship and was an advocate of educating both boys and girls in the same institution. Others believe there are benefits to separating the sexes to promote focus in lessons and reduce peer pressure; and for some children, especially during adolescence, this can be the case.

Here at Norfolk House the teaching and learning provides pupils with the necessary academic grounding to feel confident to go on to senior school and through our Core Values, develops the attributes to be successful in life. I believe that to provide a true education for life, girls and boys must learn to collaborate, respect and value each other so when they enter the adult world they have a combined outlook.

In a primary setting, before the awkwardness that is often associated with the teenage years, children are more confident in developing strong friendships with children of the opposite gender, as well as their own. I’m always happy when I see children of all ages during play times involved in mixed games of football and girls and boys engaging in imaginative play together. The result of this opportunity to work and play together is the friendships that are formed between boys and girls, which are as valued as those with members of their own sex. I believe that learning to collaborate and appreciate each other during the primary years, provides the foundations for important life skills and develops in children the confidence to build healthy relationships in the future.

Norfolk House was founded as a school for boys over a century ago and now we are proud of our identity as a co-educational school, which celebrates diversity and promotes tolerance, understanding and respect in our boys and girls.

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