☰ Ms Habgood writes about the importance of General Knowledge and her assemblies

Ms Habgood writes about the importance of General Knowledge and her assemblies

Posted on: October 2nd 2014

What a fabulous start to the term with the driest September on record; apparently, only a 5th of the normal amount of rain was recorded. Not to worry though, as August was the 8th wettest since records began! It’s interesting how much information is picked up and absorbed from listening to Radio 4 or watching the news and we are having a huge drive on our pupils in Key Stage 2 engaging with General Knowledge on a wider basis in the coming months. We are very driven by giving our pupils the skills to find out for themselves, and indeed they are very successful at doing this, but having an interest and curiosity about a range of subjects in order to be able to recall pertinent facts is also something that is still vitally important today. That is not to say, as I pointed out in my end of year speech in July, that children must learn endless facts by rote and be punished for not remembering them, rather that they are excited by learning about a wide range of general knowledge and develop a curiosity to look more deeply into subjects. These aid our ability to debate and formulate valid and robust opinions and arguments. Our aim for this year is to put regular general knowledge quizzes up for our pupils - Mr Ashton is already enjoying being the question writer! Our Form 4 are enjoying a general knowledge topic as part of their General Studies programme and the library is populated by keen quizzers at break times, using books and the internet to research the answers! We hope to enter the SATIPS external competition by next September with very well informed children!
On another note, I have to say how impressed I’ve been with how well our Reception pupils have settled into school on our Princes Avenue site! I have been doing regular assembly and story development sessions with them and it is amazing how well they have taken to listening well and demonstrating the confidence to put up their hands and answer questions. We’ve covered Rosh Hashannah and Our Caring School to name a few things in assemblies on Thursday mornings and are studying the illustrator and authoer Quentin Blake on Tuesday afternoons. Read more about their activities in our newsletter story, where Reception are Form of the Week. 

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