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Posted on: December 4th 2015

It is not an overstatement to say that our children are amazing; I honestly feel that I am one of the luckiest head teachers to be working in a school and would probably not do this job anywhere else. 

Prospective parents, visitors and candidates who come to our school often comment on our wonderful children and the atmosphere and buzz that is around Norfolk House, when they come to visit. And it’s true - the children are eager to tell people what they are doing, they are excited by what they’re learning and they articulate this with an enthusiasm and understanding of what the purpose of it is. Their endless energy and focus when rehearsing and putting on performances such as our Creative Curriculum event, singing at the Meadows or the Nativity plays (which I’m very much looking forward to seeing next week) is commendable and awe-inspiring at times, not to mention things like our Cross Country team who ran 5.6k the other morning before school or the children’s fundraising efforts - having raised almost £5000 already this term for various charities that are pertinent and relevant to our children. 

And on ‘normal’ days in and around school, I sometimes stop to soak up the atmosphere myself and feel very proud of what we achieve on a day to day basis; my learning walks take me on adventures to Pirate Islands, or back in time to different periods in history, or across to the Galapagos Islands to discover something about Darwin and Evolution all with our excited children who are immersed in their learning. They barely notice me there!

They move around the school with a fizz and excitement and I notice things going up on the walls - 'Coding Coding Everywhere' and QR codes ready for our Hour of Code during International Computer Science Week next week and posters about the Student Council's upcoming Bake-Off and I know this is a purposeful and 'rounded' environment in which our children thrive in all aspects and absorb all of their experiences with a genuine desire to learn. 

We are very, very lucky indeed to have these wonderful children to teach. 

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