☰ Ms Habgood's Blog - 12th October 2012

Ms Habgood's Blog - 12th October 2012

Posted on: October 12th 2012

It seems five minutes since I wrote my last blog and yet so long ago since I celebrated an ‘important’ birthday, in the same week. The time is whizzing by (one more week until half term? Really?!) and it’s well and truly October, looking at the playground littered with red and golden leaves every morning and the chill in the air.

My week has been a frenetic one and full of a range of things. The Harvest festival near the beginning of the week was one of the highlights; it’s such a lovely opportunity to have all the pupils and many of our parents gather together for our first event of the year and to celebrate the importance of community and giving thanks. It was reflective in the pupils’ presentations that we are a global community these days and whichever background or culture one comes from, to be able to understand from an early age, the values to help and support others less fortunate is important. Thankfully we had a sunny, crisp autumnal morning for our gathering and it set the right tone for the day!

The rest of the time, I’ve been doing interview practice, or teaching poetry, or small group reasoning tuition with our Form 6 pupils, who are, it has to be said, embarking with great maturity on the senior school process; or I’ve been in meetings or teaching or showing round prospective parents – there’s no wonder it all just whizzes by in a blur – oh and I still managed to fit in a bit of Zumba one evening, in between!

At the end of another week, with most staff now finally cleared the building and the children gone, heading onto 5:30, we can all rest, pupils and staff alike, ready for a new week of learning and opportunities.

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