☰ The Excitement of Exploration and Exam Prep

The Excitement of Exploration and Exam Prep

Posted on: January 15th 2016

The phenomena of being able to watch an historic event LIVE in real-time with unedited coverage during our General Studies lesson today left both me and the Form 6 children awe-struck.

I can’t remember watching anything at school, except the BBC programmes, ‘How We Used to Live’, and I wonder if when it was the first moon landings, schools even had any technology in classrooms to watch it!

To see the benefits of the technological age we live in is astounding; I know that we have to limit screen time, but the opportunities for such organic and exciting learning have never been so easily within reach and we must exploit these. I hope that next week when the Form 6 children are in their interviews they will speak as excitedly about seeing this as they did, today.

Speaking of interviews, we are truly in the midst of 11+ exam time again! Our Form 6 have, I have to say, been taking it very much in their stride and thankfully, most of the written exams are over. However, there is still a lot of pressure on with interviews and anticipating the ever complex interview questions, tasks and formats that the children are expected to adapt to. 

Those children who were here on 4th Jan for Study Return were lucky enough to work with one of our parents whose company focuses on communication skills and techniques; in addition, we have been doing individual and group prep. Some of this includes: collaborative work on designing apps (in 10 minutes!) in depth responses to historic paintings, lateral thinking, debate and opinion, and asking questions that the children may not have been exposed to previously. 

The aim is that we give them a breadth of skills in collaborating and negotiating with others, being confident in themselves, but self-aware at the same time as well as answering any type of question or completing any task, when put on the spot; to give them the confidence to pause and think carefully about an answer is hugely important - it is wisest to prep only technique by making them think critically and for themselves, not by memorising questions and answers! 

The natural communication skills our pupils have displayed during practice as well as their growth in confidence has been brilliant, and they have taken on board advice and feedback extremely well. I know that they are as ready as they can be and am impressed with their calm approach and great attitude towards the exams! Well done, Form 6 and good luck over the next few weeks - you really do deserve to do brilliantly!!

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