☰ Ms Habgood's Blog - 30.11.12

Ms Habgood's Blog - 30.11.12

Posted on: November 30th 2012

Edging ever nearer to the end of term, life at Norfolk House seems as full and busy as ever and the children, although they may be finding it more difficult to get up on these cold, frosty mornings, have not lost their zest for learning or their energy around school, thankfully!

I do enjoy this time of year, where the school is full of festive singing and the regulation glittery nightmare for the cleaners is adorning the carpets of most classrooms, and my thoughts turn to our approaching Christmas holidays. It is the time for our families, whose roots spread far and wide through a range of geography, religions and cultures to be together and enjoy their own celebrations and festivities. It is also a time where I personally feel a strong sense of community and thoughts for those less fortunate than ourselves.

The children are regularly exposed to learning which helps them to understand the diverse communities that live in our world, and how sometimes circumstances beyond these families’ control can have a devastating impact.

As the next blog will be the last before Christmas, and I always give the last blog of the term over to our Head Boy and Girl, I wish you all happy holidays and best wishes for 2013. Do come and join us in some of the celebrations that are going on before the end of term (check the newsletter diary for events) and I look forward to seeing you there.

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