☰ Ms Habgood’s Blog: 9 May 2014

Ms Habgood’s Blog: 9 May 2014

Posted on: May 9th 2014

Looking at this week’s newsletter, I felt especially proud; as well as the broad and exciting academic curriculum we have on offer at Norfolk House, we have a real commitment to developing all of our pupils in the widest sense. There were a variety of newsletter articles that absolutely exemplify this; looking at the way our Form 6 pupils interacted so naturally with their Reception ‘buddies’ and the real bond that they shared, was lovely to see. There is a real sense of nurturing, responsibility and maturity in our Form 6 pupils that I know will serve them well when they head off to their respective senior schools.

In addition, the article about our recent Easter concert and our fabulous musicians and their talent was impressive – standing up and saying a few words following that extravaganza on the final day of last term, was a difficult job, after feeling rather overwhelmed and quite awe inspired by the talent, determination and clear discipline that these young students show.

Not forgetting our School council and PPC who work tirelessly to make the school a great place to be and give our pupils a real voice, as well as fund-raising for things like our new playground equipment (a great result of the PPC’s inaugural Christmas Fayre) as well as for our designated charity.

In a day and age where children need life skills more than ever, I look around at our courteous and curious, thoughtful and enthusiastic pupils and think we’re doing a pretty good job between us all at setting them up for the future.

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