☰ Ms Habgood's Blog - October 2013

Ms Habgood's Blog - October 2013

Posted on: October 18th 2013

There is nothing that impassions me more than being around the children, seeing their curiosity and freshness in all that they do and say. Sometimes it’s difficult to express in words what a week at Norfolk House is like; each day is so varied and full, with so much opportunity to see the children developing and flourishing as they learn new knowledge and skills.

It’s funny. We had a new minibus delivered this morning, (which is very exciting!) and the man who drove it was waiting to collect the keys for the old bus, when I got into work. When I introduced myself, he said, ‘Oh, I don’t know how you do this job,” and without hesitation, I responded by telling him just exactly why I could do this job and how fabulous our school and pupils were!

From reading stories with our Reception children (who seem to have been here forever, they’re so settled and confident!), to reading some amazing independent imaginative writing from our PrePrep pupils, or taking current affairs assemblies, right through to teaching both poetry and philosophy in Form 6, I truly enjoy each and every day, and often go home with a sense of awe in the children’s learning, and a pride in what we do here, unable to contain my excitement when I relay what I’ve experienced.

It gives a real sense of purpose and focus, knowing the responsibility we have in supporting the learning of our pupils and changing, ourselves, to meet their needs, diversifying our own practice to facilitate as well as teach.

In addition, to all of that (as if it were not enough), during this particularly difficult time, personally, for me, the true commitment of the staff in ensuring that the school ran smoothly in my absence – so much so, that you might not have known I was away, had you not been told – and the exceptional support of parents has genuinely made me feel incredibly lucky to be head of such an amazing school.

And for all of that, I would like to express my deepest, sincere thanks to each and every one of you and wish you all a very lovely and restful half term.

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