☰ Ms Habgood's Blog: Whole School Initiative

Ms Habgood's Blog: Whole School Initiative

Posted on: February 28th 2014

Coding and computer science are high on the government’s agenda for the new 2014 curriculum. A year ago, Michael Gove expressed that children should be learning programming with programs like Scratch – at Norfolk House we’d already been doing this for three years. There is a significant importance for building ‘future proof’ skills, which is why we built this into our curriculum from as early as Reception, and its benefits are reflected in our pupils’ capability by Form 6, where they’re creating their own games and apps.

It seems that the country is catching up and with the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web a national (and international) initiative is going ahead between 3rd and 9th March called ‘The Hour of Coding’. The Hour of Coding encourages anyone from age 6 to 106 to get involved and learn basic computer programming. The school has signed up and we’ve decided we’re doing it from age 4, not 6! Even our Reception pupils will be involved! Our Form 6 will be doing more than an hour and joining a computer science course for the next few weeks, hopefully becoming experts, by the end! Coding is coming and we want to be forerunners in preparing our pupils to be the programmers of tomorrow!

If you would like more info (but please don’t do it with your children in advance of next week or it will spoil it in class!) go to: http://uk.code.org and get excited!

Have a great weekend!

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