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Ms Habgood's Final Blog

Posted on: July 1st 2016

I can’t believe this is my last Head Teacher’s blog and that it has come around so quickly, but it is with excitement that I write it after an amazing week with our wonderful children. I know that this is what I will miss the most, so let me turn this blog over to celebrating what I’ve seen going on in school this past few weeks:

The amazing talents of our Senior Prep children were showcased on Wednesday evening when the children put on their production of A Bucketful of Dreams (their version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory); to see the concentration and enjoyment on their faces when they were performing was lovely and to see them remind each other when a line might have been missed or how professional they were when they had to wait for a technical hitch made it all the more charming. The quality of the productions just keep on getting more and more ambitious and the children rise to it each and every time, meeting and exceeding our teachers’ high expectations.

I also had the fortune to be able to go to both our Form 5 and Reception learning showcases this week as well. Form 5 presented some excellent work on their English prep and creative writing; there was very impressive description and other devices used to engage the reader. I know that they have worked incredibly hard this term in preparation for their Form 6 exams, which are happening right from the mid-end of Autumn term as well as into January, and it impresses me how well they take this in their stride.

And as for Reception, our adorable Reception, whom I do have a soft spot for, I do admit and whom I love to go in and work with on a weekly basis to do my Quentin Blake author study and story development, they blew me away this morning with their lovely assembly which showcased their learning over the year. Reception year is such a special time - the children learn so much and develop confidence in such a short time. I know that the parents were equally moved by what they saw today and the development of their children.

Moving up day made me realise how quickly our children grow as well; seeing Form 1 on Muswell Avenue site recently in their new environment and working so studiously and seeing the work they’re now producing was fantastic. They took it all in their stride and I can see that all the transition work that’s been done has ensured that they’ll slot right into their new class and the bigger site.

Just popping into classrooms and seeing our pupils learning is also something I love and when pupils show me their work and excitedly talk about what they’re doing, like Form 3 selling their houses they made on Minecraft, or showing me their reflections of their year; or Form 2 talking excitedly about their lego project, or learning real live maths.

And of course I love to visit our Nursery and Infant Community, some of whom will be leaving us, working hard with their teachers to grasp their letters and sounds and numbers in preparation for the next phase of education.

It just makes me extremely proud of the education we offer here and makes realise how lucky I’ve been to be the Head of Norfolk House and Montessori House.

I look forward to Awards Day and our Montessori end of term event where I will say my goodbyes to all the people in this wonderful community and I know that whilst I am going on to new adventures, that I will be very sad to leave such a wonderful place.

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