☰ The final blog of the year and my goodness what a year it’s been!

The final blog of the year and my goodness what a year it’s been!

Posted on: July 3rd 2015

The final blog of the year and my goodness what a year it’s been! I don’t want to write too much here as I want to save some things for my end of year speech, but I just want to share some of the wonderful things that have been happening particularly this week at Norfolk House and truly embody our children and our ethos – it has definitely been a busy one! 

A week in the life of Norfolk House!

Monday, the children had a huge rehearsal ahead of their performance of the Jungle Book. Key Stage 1 and Reception were also rehearsing for their performance at Awards Day

The F4 Geography event on Tuesday, which the children held so parents could see what they had been learning about in their lessons and practical projects, was warmly received by the parents and showed how creatively the topic of human geography and settlements can be taught (do watch the video and read the article in this newsletter)

On Wednesday, I took Form 6 to the church in the morning for a Macbeth workshop with one of our lovely mums, an actress (who also happens to have played Lady Macbeth on Broadway in recent times), who worked with our boys and girls on rehearsing and performing scenes from Macbeth that they had re-written themselves in Shakespearian language! They had a super time, and really benefited from the positive and critical feedback from their peers and top tips for performing. They’re looking forward to performing at the Awards Day as well!

What an inspiration the performance of Jungle Book was as well on Wednesday night? Our pupils are genuinely talented and have so much energy and ambition in performing to the best of their abilities and I was overwhelmed with their confidence and effort, despite the crazy temperatures that day! As I said at the time, each year I can’t imagine it getting any better and each year it gets better! What a talented bunch!

Yesterday, I had to pull the videos and photos I had taken off the camera, so I was at large around the bottom floor of the school with the camera; I thought you might like to see a few of the things I came across – the lovely Reception were in the Muswell Avenue playground with their Form 5 and 6 Buddies, all having a wonderful playtime together. They were so excited, but what was amazing was how strong the relationships are that they form! 



I also enjoyed seeing Form 2’s minibeast habitats that they were making yesterday afternoon and their explanations of why they’d chosen the materials they had. They looked like they were having lots of fun, but they also showed lots of learning from the things that they had collected and how they constructed their habitats.


And here I am today having spent time in the nursery this morning with Mrs Ergun and Mrs Raguso’s children learning more about their Montessori learning and being told by the children how things are done, seeing Reception in their class making dioramas about ‘James and the Giant Peach’ and then whizzing over this afternoon to film our Head Boy and Girl’s blog!

What a busy week in the life of a Head, but a thoroughly enjoyable one – I don’t think there are many other roles that are so busy yet so fulfilled and varied – goodness knows what I’m going to do with myself all summer…!

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