☰ A Warm welcome to Miss Cat Marshall

A Warm welcome to Miss Cat Marshall

Posted on: January 25th 2019

A Warm welcome to Miss Cat Marshall

What a lovely start I have had at Norfolk House School. I am so happy to have joined as Head of Music for the duration of Mrs Regan’s maternity leave and have already had so many wonderful, musical experiences with the children.

Having taught in a variety of school settings through all age groups, I have already been astounded by the creativity and musical capabilities of the pupils at Norfolk House. They clearly love music and always bring enthusiasm to the classroom.

Throughout my teaching experience since training with Teach First, I have taught across the subjects of Music, Art and Textiles and have had the pleasure of being Head of Music in a large all-through school, Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator and House Leader. As well as teaching, I also work as a professional musician and artist, which continuously benefits and enriches my classroom practice.

Being able to teach what I love is such a pleasure. One of the most rewarding experiences of working with children is seeing my enthusiasm for Music and the Arts inspire and build confidence in pupils. I know that with support tailored to their individual needs and plenty of encouragement, the children will continue to develop a passion for Music, grow in confidence and continue to make excellent progress.

As well as supporting pupils’ academic progress, Music naturally addresses each of our Core Values at Norfolk House School and develops pupils’ resilience, ambition and ability to successfully work with others, as well as promoting independence. With this in mind, I strongly believe that every child has a place in Music in which they can thrive. Music is an incredibly beneficial part of each child’s education, supporting them in becoming well-rounded, successful young people. I have the privilege of getting to know each one of our pupils here at Norfolk House School through music and I am thrilled to be a part of their learning journey.

It has been wonderful meeting and speaking with so many parents already; thank you for such a warm welcome. Parents are always welcome to contact me regarding their child’s musical development and progress at cmarshall@norfolkhouseschool.org.

From my first few weeks here, I can see that the children are going to be an absolute pleasure to teach and I look forward to finding the ways that help them learn most effectively. I believe that the sheer joy of learning and performing music can put a smile on every child’s face.

I very much look forward to working with the children and hope to see many parents at the next event.

Cat Marshall

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