☰ Aaron Shares His Experience of Filming A Car Commercial

Aaron Shares His Experience of Filming A Car Commercial

Posted on: October 12th 2012

Aaron from Year 4, was recently involved in filming a car commercial in Switzerland.  He has shared an account of his experience:On Wednesday 26th of September I shot a TV commercial for Hyundai in Switzerland.

We had to wake up at 5.30 am because the car was coming to pick us up for 7am. Tino, the production assistant came to pick us up from the hotel. There was me, Hannah - who was from Germany and Maxine who had come from Paris with our parents.  We drove for 45 minutes on very winding roads high up into the mountains.

When we got there we met the director who rehearsed what we had to do. He had to explain in three different languages. Then we went into wardrobe and were taken to the car.

The car was on a truck, the car didn't move but the truck did. The director asked us to scream and wave our hands like we were in a roller coaster.  The camera was in the front of the car with the man who was holding the puppets telling us which way to move and to keep our eyes on them.

They then took the door at the side out and we had to do it again. It was really great fun. I really enjoyed my trip to Switzerland and buying presents for my family and friends.

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