☰ Alumni Guest Blog: 'A Look Back' By Joe Geller

Alumni Guest Blog: 'A Look Back' By Joe Geller

Posted on: March 14th 2014

Hello, my name is Joe Geller. I am currently in Year 8 at Jcoss secondary school and I went to Norfolk House from year 4 until year 6, when I left two years ago. I have found it very easy to settle in to my new school due to all the advice and support I got from my teachers at Norfolk house in Year 6. Although there is a massive difference in size, having been to a small primary school like Norfolk house, it has made it easier to concentrate on my work. I have joined lots of different extracurricular clubs thanks to the many activities that were available at Norfolk house. For example, my enjoyment of football continued in the new school by joining the football team.

Although there is a big difference between primary school and secondary school, I really enjoyed the range of teachers at Norfolk House, which is not always the case in most primary schools – sometimes you have one teacher for every subject, whereas at NH we had different teachers for different subjects. Another good thing about being at such a small school like Norfolk House is that you can get support easily. It also teaches you to be very independent.

My favourite subject is English, and it has been helped by all the educational trips that Norfolk house took me on. For example, I remember a great trip to the Globe theatre at NH and I am now prepared for my school trip next week with Jcoss to watch the Merchant of Venice.

I also took skills away from Norfolk House - like I was a member of student council at Norfolk house and that has led me to represent my secondary school in the school parliament - one of the 13 people who represents 700 students, which I really enjoy.

Going to a big new school might seem scary, especially after being at so small a school like Norfolk House, but use all the tips that your teachers give you, join clubs and take part in as much as you can while you are at Norfolk House, as this will reflect well in your new school. Above all, enjoy!

By Joe Geller

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