☰ Autumnal activities in Infant Community

Autumnal activities in Infant Community

Posted on: November 24th 2017

Autumnal activities in Infant Community

The Infant Community children have recently been looking at Autumn, as their topic. We have been talking about the changes in our garden and the leaves changing colour and falling off the trees to the ground. The children have been using their physical  skills, sweeping leaves into piles in the garden, and then excitedly jumping into them. This helps the children with their gross motor skills and hand eye coordination, as well as being fun, and learning to play alongside their peers.

Continuing with the Autumn theme, we have collected leaves from the garden and stuck them onto paper, making an Autumnal collage, as well as making a hedgehog out of them. Next, the children have painted the leaves on one side with Autumn colours - green, yellow and orange - to make beautiful leaf prints for our Autumn display.

This half term, we have been discussing Halloween and what the children might dress up as - we have had a witch, a bat, a pumpkin and a dinosaur! We have also been talking about Fireworks, the noise they make and what colours they are. Then we used glue and glitter to make some lovely pictures.

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