☰ Computing Club: Pupil Report

Computing Club: Pupil Report

Posted on: May 17th 2019

Computing Club: Pupil Report

Here at Norfolk House, pupils can enjoy a wide range of extra-curricular activities including Computing Club, for Junior Prep and Senior Prep pupils.

Max, Cristina and Harry T tell us more about Computing Club:

“Computing Club is a fun experience and allows us to widen our knowledge about technology. We do a range of activities using HTML, Scratch programming and micro:bit, but by far, the funniest activity of all is Kahoot, a website that allows us to create quizzes, that we make and share with the rest of the class. Scratch is a cool coding software that you connect blocks to, to make a fun game.

Most people take a first look at Scratch and are totally confused but if they practice, they always get it right!

Micro:bits and HTML are also similar coding systems, with the same principle. Lastly, none of this could be possible without Miss Camlin, so thank you! Overall, Computing Club is a great club to go to as it is very fun.”

By Max, Cristina and Harry T    

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