☰ Congratulations BRICKS Winners

Congratulations BRICKS Winners

Posted on: July 8th 2013

For the past two years, the school has been running an initiative named BRICKS (Building Relationships in a Caring, Kind School). Outside the office, you may have seen a large poster of Norfolk House with bricks climbing up it. These are our BRICKS awards.

A pupil can earn a brick for doing something that is considered polite, courteous and friendly. For example, if a child opens a door for their peers or an adult, or if they find someone upset or lonely in the playground and include them in their game. There is also our ‘tell a good tale’ where children can award bricks to other children. Each brick converts into a point towards the pupil’s House.

The children with the most BRICKS at the end of a term (or a half term if it’s a very long half term!) are then rewarded with a special lunch in the library with Ms Habgood. This is a real treat for them, but a bigger treat for Ms Habgood! It’s a really nice way to recognise our achievements for being really friendly children and making our school a kind environment to be in.

This year’s BRICKS winners have been:

Key Stage 1:

Alex S, John-Christopher P, Lila Dhiri, Felix F, Ben C, Leila S

Key Stage 2:

Laura H, Toby W, Rudi F-H Eloise F-W, Abby H, Annabel H, Finley H, Dylan M, Oliver C.

Well done to all our BRICK winners for setting such a great example to everyone. We hope to have lots of bricks added to our Norfolk House next year, as well!

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