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Cross Country Team

Posted on: January 16th 2015

Fourteen ambitious runners from NH have chosen to wake up early every Wednesday morning in the brisk winter months, rubbing the sleep from their eyes and lacing up their trainers, to hit the trail running at Alexandra Park. What motivates these young athletes to take on this challenging commitment? “I like how we get to run together and chat in the fresh air,” notes Ewan from Form 5. Exercise not only improves children’s physical fitness, but it also builds confidence, stronger self-esteem, more energy, and better memory. Despite the sleepy eyes at the start, the Cross Country team returns for their first lesson energized, focused, and ready to learn. Training has included longer runs mixed with shorter runs, followed by specific practise on hills and circuit training. Olivia from Form 5 says, “Cross country is challenging because of the hills, but it is fun and everyone keeps trying and supporting each other. It gives us chance to achieve our goals and prepares us for the races.” The team has begun to improve in just a few weeks, ready for the Cross Country meets that they will be competing in over the next term! Hopefully the holiday eating and lounging won’t set us back! An additional group of students participate in the Fun Run Club every Friday at Durnsford Park. We hope to encourage NH students to be active and fit whilst having a good time! 

By Miss Clark - Head of Sport

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