☰ Daisy Martin Describes Why She Loves Singing

Daisy Martin Describes Why She Loves Singing

Posted on: February 8th 2013

You might have heard me sing in some of the school concerts… I have been singing for about 6 years and have just passed my grade 5, which I’m very pleased about as I practiced very hard on the pieces that I needed to learn. It also means that I got to do two music auditions for potential scholarships at schools I am sitting for at 11+.

Outside of school, I go to Finchley children’s music choir. I am in the intermediates but I have been asked to stay for the after class so I can prepare for going into the senior group, which is exciting because I’ll be learning lots of new things.

We have many concerts for regular events; for example at Christmas and Easter we would have a concert. The instructors choose a different theme for the songs each time like the sea and the sky or the Lion King and Christmas songs. There is a range of slow and fast songs but they are all very engaging. When we sang the Lion King songs, we had dance moves and we all had a go at playing the bongos! It was very different from a usual concert!

I have learnt a lot of things at choir like how to make words clear, as well as sight-reading and hand scales. One of the most exciting thing I have ever done there is to go to a sound recording with a group of other children from the choir.

I enjoy going to the choir just because of the experience, learning and doing new things and mostly doing what I love.

By Daisy

Daisy will be joining the rest of NH Choir in March to go along and perform with pupils from our other Bellevue schools at the Bellevue Music Festival. Watch this space!

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