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Posted on: September 23rd 2021

Eco Warriors Blog

I have been extremely passionate about the environment for a number of years and have adapted my lifestyle to help reduce the amount of plastic I use in my house, as well as, adapting my diet to be more plant-based, making more environmentally friendly choices for the planet. I believe it is fundamental to instil these values into our children in order to make them environmentally conscious individuals who will care for and support our planet.  

As we are about to commence our new term with our new Eco Warriors, we will be starting some new initiatives to help inspire the children and their families to make small changes in our lives that will have a big impact on the planet. 

Each week there will be an Eco Tip on the Norfolk House Instagram page. This will be anything from reducing the plastic in your kitchen, making more sustainable choices in your cooking, even how you can shop fashion more sustainably! These will be posted onto our stories and then saved onto the highlights. 

We started the initiative for a plastic-free snack week last year and the children responded very well to this. To make this more of a habit, rather than a one-off, we will be having a ‘plastic-free snack week’ once every half term. Please look out for this in the bulletin and on the Instagram page for the announcement of when these will take place. There will also be ideas to help inspire your plastic-free snacks on our Instagram page!

This year the Eco Warriors will be striving to achieve the Green Flag award, please keep your eyes on the newsletters for our progress!! 

Emily Patten 

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