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Posted on: October 6th 2017

After over hearing some children talking about the importance of recycling, we decided it would be a good idea to get the children in Norfolk House take some responsibility for the future of our planet. We held elections in each classroom to recruit Eco Warriors. The children will be responsible for encouraging their classmates (and teachers!) to reuse and recycle paper and cardboard. They will be required to regularly empty the new recycling bins in their rooms into our wheelie bins and ensure lights and projectors are switched off when the room is left empty.

Thank you to all the children who expressed an interest in being an Eco Warrior - there were many fantastic speeches. Congratulations to the following children who were elected:
F2 Isabella L and Essie
F3 Taylor and Oscar C
F4 Sidney and Cristina
F5 Amelie and Keya
F6 Scarlett and Ben

A message from our Form 6 Eco Warriors: You shouldn't buy plastic water bottles, instead you should use tap water in reusable bottles. Walk instead of driving because then you create less damaging fumes. It is important to recycle because it is good for the environment.

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