☰ Examples of Form 6's effective openings to timed essay writing

Examples of Form 6's effective openings to timed essay writing

Posted on: October 21st 2011

As part of their exam preparation, Form 6 were looking at effective openings to their timed essay writing. Here are some examples. Do their openings make you want to read on...?Why don't you choose one of the story starters and carry on the story for yourself? Ice cold and pitch black, the weary winter night drew on. Being strong and wearing a low, dark hat did not help the fact that this man, whoever he was, looked like a burglar. Into one of the glossy white Tudor houses with slanted tiled roofs, he went, a soft pad of his shoes with every step. Seconds later a shrilling siren called out; before the faint stranger, armed with a sack full of stolen goods, crept out. There were screams as the man sprinted down the road and 'round the corner.

Azra P.

 I sighed. Why does everyone giggle and make fun of me? Okay, maybe I have weird name, but still.

"Hey, look at Citrine sitting like a lemon, just as sour as her name!" shouted Trisha, as her cronies burst into laughter, as well as everyone else. My name is a yellow jewel, it's not sour.

Gemma S.

 Keeping a careful eye on her sister, Alexa clambered up the tree.

"Careful!" she warned, as Tallulah wobbled. A shining moon turned the grass silver, illuminating the large pear tree, heavy with fruit. A voice came from the sitting room, "Tallulah! Come on inside now,""But I'm climbing," wailed Tallulah. A note of panic entered her voice, "I'm stuck!!!"Uma S.

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