☰ Exploring Growth Mindset through art

Exploring Growth Mindset through art

Posted on: April 23rd 2021

Exploring Growth Mindset through art

The Form 1 children have been developing their Growth Mindset through the medium of art! The children were inspired by the book 'The Dot' by Peter H Reynolds.

This story is about a young girl who doesn't believe she can draw, until her teacher encourages her to make a mark and see where it takes her. She draws a dot and uses her creativity to create different styles of art using just dots! The young girl Veshti said "I can't draw". We asked the children if they thought this was a helpful thing to say when we find something challenging. The children said Veshti didn't have a Growth Mindset and suggested we should say "I can't draw yet!". 

Form 1 was then given just 1 black dot and asked to use their imagination to see what they could create. At first some children were not sure how they could do it, but once they opened up their imagination they were able to see lots of different possibilities! They had lots of fun being creative and came up with some lovely ideas. It was great to see the children's confidence grow and their ideas expanding throughout the lesson. 

Check out some of the creative pictures the Form 1 children made!

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