☰ Final Word from Form 6

Final Word from Form 6

Posted on: July 8th 2013

We asked Form 6 the question, ‘What has Norfolk House meant to you and how has it prepared you for your next school?’ The responses were so lovely that we would like to share them:


‘The school maybe small, but the possibility is big!’ – I remember my subconscious conjure this up when we were asked what Norfolk House has meant to us, thus proving it has had a positive effect on me; the lessons have been fun, yet deeply educational: a perfect environment to learn in! This school has helped me to breeze through the exams with confidence. The fact that this school is small means that each individual can grow and prosper as they wish and I certainly have been able to. I have had a great time and an excellent education at Norfolk House.


Norfolk House has meant so much to me. Not only has it taught me academic skills, but fabulous social skills, too. It has, over the years, changed me in a good way so now I feel prepared to go onto my next school. My social life has sometimes challenged me, but Norfolk House’s caring and safe environment helped me through these times.


This school has improved my learning and made me more polite. It’s a school where everyone has a voice and is in a safe environment. It has prepared me for my next school, socially and academically. I have become a well rounded person and made some great friends.


Norfolk House has helped me in different ways to do with education, friendship building and confidence. In Form 6, my teachers have spent a lot of their time preparing us for secondary school. I was worried that I would struggle at my new school but the teachers have helped me thoroughly. I will never forget Norfolk House School.


This school has been a kind and helpful environment for me. It has also made me think more. I understand things like Algebra more and using imagery and language in my writing, ready for my next school.


Norfolk House is like a second home. They have given us more knowledge about the outside world and the community. All the teachers have been great and have worked out our weak points, and pushed as at the things we struggle with and really helped us excel.


Norfolk House is a supportive school that makes you excited to get there every morning. With the help of my teachers, I have a full understanding of many topics in various subjects so therefore feel ready for my next school.


Norfolk House has basically been the foundation of both my academic and social life. It has provided me with knowledge, friends and even a bit of comedy! Even though I will miss many things about this school, it has prepared me to take on new challenges.


Norfolk House has always been there for me. Through the exams this year, we were all well prepped and we weren’t put under lots of pressure. I feel that everybody listens to me and helps me when I need them most. Throughout the seven years I have spent here, Norfolk House has moulded me into the independent 11 year old I am today.


Throughout the years I have spent at Norfolk House it has given me the skills in preparation for my next school. It has built up my confidence and made me an independent person. I feel it has supported me so that I can move onto senior school ready and prepared.


It’s hard to believe that I have been at Norfolk House for seven years. Norfolk House has been there for me, all through the years, but I feel ready for my next school. It has prepped me well for Fortismere and I wouldn’t have been able to the hard work if it weren’t for the encouraging teachers and engaging lessons. My time at Norfolk House is unforgettable.


A school where every child is free to be themselves, and a sense of community that instantly promotes friendships and knowledge. At Norfolk House, we are taught that it is important not just to answer questions, but to be inquisitive about the way the world works. The school has improved my confidence in maths hugely, and I feel ready to move on to the next significant part of my life.

Henry: Norfolk House has been there for me when I’m feeling down; it feels more like a friend, that teaches me lessons in life. I know I am ready to move on, all thanks to this place. It has filled me with knowledge and evolved me to be a kind soul. I am going to miss people and places and my memories are never ending, but I am now ready to move on because of it. Thank you, Norfolk House!

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