☰ Form 1 celebrate World Kindness Day

Form 1 celebrate World Kindness Day

Posted on: November 23rd 2018

Form 1 celebrate World Kindness Day

On Tuesday 13th November, Form 1 celebrated and promoted World Kindness Day.

In PSHE lessons, the children have been discussing different ways to display the core value 'caring' outside of the school community and have talked about less fortunate people, children and orphans in the UK and around the world.

Form 1 were shocked when Mrs Jowett told them that some children in Egypt do not go to school and realised that they are very lucky to go to such a lovely school, have their families around them and have toys and nice clothes, so they decided to take action. The children went home and looked through their cupboards to find things that they could donate to support the less fortunate.

On Tuesday, Form 1 went on a 'Charity Walk' around Muswell Hill to donate all of their items. They visited Cancer Research, Oxfam and many other charity shops and donated books, shoes, clothes and many other items, in the knowledge that the shops would sell them to support different charities.

Mark donated his favourite toy Spider Man, Daniel brought ten things to donate and Shiv put all his lovely donations in a present bag. All the children should be very proud.

Form 1 learnt a lot during the walk and came away with a better understanding of how fortunate we are. The children also watched a video about Kindness Day which taught them that when we share acts of kindness, we colour the world. Form 1 definitely coloured the world on Tuesday!

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