☰ Form 1 Trip to London Zoo

Form 1 Trip to London Zoo

Posted on: March 13th 2017

On Monday 6th March, Form 1 pupils set off on a scientific trip to the Zoo. As you know, we have been learning to classify animals according to their diet and according to their features. We had the opportunity to apply our learning and further enquire about animals; during our trip.

The highlight of our day was our visit to the reptile house. We spent quite a long time there classifying animals into reptiles and amphibians; reading information about different animals and their habitats. We were really interested in the Black Mamba and we have learnt that this snake is super fast and it is actually very intelligent!

We had the opportunity to visit the lion enclosure, the Gorilla kingdom and the Butterfly House. Also, we visited Into Africa where we saw giraffes, zebras and an okapis. Furthermore, we visited the Rain-forest Live where we saw Green Iguanas and Piranhas.       



This is what the Form 1 children said about our trip to the zoo:

Alice " my favourite was the Butterfly House because butterflies were lying everywhere and it was warm in there and I like hot weather".

Ava "My favourite animal is the penguin and I was very happy to see penguins swimming."  

Max " The otters were the best because they were laying on their backs and playing with acorns and stones."

Lois Naylor " My favourite was the Fruit Bats because you see them hanging upside down and they eat fruit."

Matilda " I liked the Piranhas because I learnt that they are carnivores and they have sharp teeth."

Bailey "I loved the lions because they were climbing to get to the wooden part of the enclosure."

Sebastian "I enjoyed my time with the penguins because when I put my finger on the glass, they followed my finger. "  

Charlie " I liked the African Hunting Dogs because they were playing and chasing each other."

Lexi "The crocodiles in the reptile house were my favourite animals because they have patterns on their skin."

Sam Stone "I liked the penguins because they look very smart."

What a fantastic day we had at the zoo.

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