☰ Form 1 Visit to London Zoo

Form 1 Visit to London Zoo

Posted on: April 20th 2016

As a part of our science inquiry into animals and learning to locate information in non-fiction texts in English, we visited the London Zoo last term. It was fascinating for the children to finally make a connection between what they have learnt inside their classroom and real life experience.  

We had the opportunity to visit the reptile house, nocturnal house, big cats, birds of prey, giraffes, monkeys, camels, penguins, lemurs, gorillas and many more. In every section; we have applied our learning by identifying cold and warm blooded animals and explained our choices. Furthermore, we applied what we have learnt about mammals, reptiles and amphibians when looking at the different animals. The children had a great time enquiring, making connections and discussing their learning - especially at the reptile house. They also managed to collect more information about the different animals they researched to help them with the non-fiction books they are writing in English.  

The highlight of our visit was that we were the only school that had the opportunity to visit the new Asiatic lion exhibit, Land of the Lions before it got the Royal seal of approval. We were honoured to be part of the rehearsal for the Royal opening that took place a few days after our visit. We had the opportunity to meet the lions that were slowly getting used to seeing people. It was feeding time and the lions got really close to the fence to eat while we watched closely. One of the people responsible for the enclosure was telling us information about the lions and their behaviour in the wild. We had a fantastic day and learnt so much! 

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