☰ Form 2 Think About Others

Form 2 Think About Others

Posted on: March 5th 2020

Form 2 Think About Others

In English this half term, Form 2 has been using the core value of 'Thinker’ but not in the conventional way of thinking about a difficult concept or thinking carefully about an answer; instead, they have been using their thinking skills to write 'Postcards of Kindness' to show they are thinking about others.

'Postcards of Kindness' was originally an initiative set up by the charity Age UK to combat loneliness in old age. Members of the public can write a postcard and send it to a resident at a care home to bring them some joy in their day, help them to feel a little less lonely and spark lively conversations among the older people who receive them. 

Over their half term holidays, the children were asked to keep a diary of what they got up to. This was to help plan the content of their postcard so they had something interesting to write to the residents about based on real life experience. When the children returned to school, they learnt about the features of postcards and challenged themselves to use exclamation and question sentences within their writing. It was a challenge because there is so little space to write on a postcard so the children had to use their neatest handwriting.

It is important to have a real life purpose for writing and this task really got the children thinking about others.

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