☰ Form 2 trip to Verulamium Roman Museum

Form 2 trip to Verulamium Roman Museum

Posted on: February 3rd 2017

On Wednesday 25th January, Form 2 went on a trip to the Roman City of Verulamium (St Albans). The museum is situated in a beautifully recreated Roman style building with lovely mosaics, decorated walls and floors. We went through the front room and downstairs to the storage room where we put our packed lunches away, so we could have our hands free to take part and enjoy all the activities and things to see during our visit.

First we went across the road where there were excavation sites with amazing ruins of a Roman theatre, market and a town house. We were delighted to see where the Romans would have lived and spent their time nearly 2000 years ago. It was like we were there!

Then we went back to the main building to enjoy our lunch and get ready for an exciting workshop handling ancient artefacts (with respect and care). We also found out all about the Roman city of Verulamium, its buildings, people, lifestyle and how it became buried for all this time. The children got to dress up and wear Roman jewellery too. The toga was so long it needed two people to hold it! We talked about the use of the artefacts and how the Romans had built the city.

We then embarked on a tour of the museum itself. There were original mosaic pieces restored by professionals which had been discovered by the archaeologists who worked on the excavations. There was also different zones full of exhibits relating to different areas of Roman life.

We had so much to do and see that the time went as quick as a flash and soon we were going back to school at the end of our brilliant Roman experience.

Mrs Harvey


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