☰ Form 3 Explore Kew Gardens

Form 3 Explore Kew Gardens

Posted on: June 14th 2013

At Kew Gardens we saw loads of things like trees, flowers and fish. We went to Palm House which had loads of trees and Waterlily House which had giant lily pads.

Next we went on a tree top walk where there was an amazing view. On the treetop walk we sketched what we could see. We also went to Pineapple Island – it had a massive pineapple in the middle and it was goldish yellow with green leaves on top. Next we went to an underground bit which has a metal tree and loads of metal and wooden insects like spiders!

It was really fun even though we had to do loads of walking!

We also had worksheets to fill out which were to find out the uses of plants - it was great. We found out most uses in the Palm House and the others we found at a long table which had bowls with plants in and on the side of the bowl was written what the plant was used for (for example tea, mustard, cinnamon, spices). My favourite part of the day was going to the Waterlily House because I found out loads of facts about chillies!

By Meaghan and Pip, Form 3

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